Hear what our customers say about us.....


"When dealing with something as essential to life as water, there are very high expectations and very little grace when relying on someone else to help provide that need. When running a lodge which is housing 120 people at a given time, there is even less grace for an unreliable water service provider. In the fifteen or so years the Carnley’s have been serving transient owners and operators at Snow Wolf Lodge, there has never been a question as to their timely diligence in providing an essential service to our many guests. I am not surprised that the three chosen words that form their slogan as a company are “reliable,” “honest,” and “service,” because it is from my several years of experience working with the Carnley’s that these words do encapsulate the described work they provide to our community."
                           - Nathan and Shelly 


"Thanks for... all your years of service! It looks like our water is finally hooked up but if you ever need a reference please feel free to use me as one."
                            - Thanks, HWW
                               Wayne W.


"I use this service and have nothing but wonderful results. The Carnleys operate with integrity and vigor. They want your business and my suggestion is to give it to them. I’ll also add that they are really nice human beings. I’ve been in a pinch and they worked with me. They’re fair and compassionate."
                             - Eric Suttles


"We purchased our home in 2012 and over time the water had become discolored. We contacted the Carnleys June of 2015 and requested they clean our two cisterns. They performed a very thorough cleaning and even took before and after pictures of the cisterns (I couldn’t believe that Christa entered the tanks and did most of the dirty work). Our water is now crystal clear. We highly recommend the Carnleys for all of the services they provide." 
                             - George and Peggy 


"After 27 years, we finally have city water! But for many of those years life would have been impossible without the prompt, pleasant, and efficient services of The Water Runner."
                              - C.Jones 


"The Water Runner is always very responsive to phone calls and requests. We appreciate their willingness to respond to needs even in difficult locations. Thank you!"
                              - Abracadabra Property Services 


"I received great customer service and prompt delivery. I would recommend the water runner to anyone. They are a great company!!!!"
                               - A. Casey 


"The Water Runner recently came out to our house and cleaned both our cisterns. They were very professional and courteous and the work was done quickly and with “no mess” left behind. they even took “before and after” pictures that showed us how clean our cisterns were after their service. Water Runner is a family owned business that is clearly operated with a whole lot of pride and professionalism. We would recommend them highly."
                              - Susan 


"The Water runner business is a great service. We just call from Texas and they take care of everything. We were there when they cleaned out 4 tanks. We saw what a job that really was and they came prepared with everything needed and got the job done and showed us a problem we did not know about. Plus they sent pictures to owner before and after. Very professional and nice people. Don't hesitate to give them a try."
                              - Sincerely Linda U.


"We have used The Water Runner exclusively for over five years now because they continuously provide exceptional customer service. They are professional and personable, and are willing to work with you to meet your needs. Never have we experienced a difficulty getting a delivery, and for that we say. Thank You Chadd and Christa!"
                               - Sincerely, Eugene and Rhonda C. 


"The Water Runner has been very efficient and very family friendly in delivering water to me at my home in Aspen Springs. They are ALWAYS at the other end of a phone and ready to deliver that day or next day delivery. They are very prompt in delivery water to my home. Clean and professional is part of their vocabulary and always works with me as a customer. They have a number of different payment options and is the best value for the dollars paid. I would highly recommend them for your water delivery needs in and around Pagosa Springs, CO." 
                                 - Pat 


"I had my cistern contaminated with ground water from all the springs rains, and the Camley’s came out, drained, cleaned, sanitized, and refilled the tank. I was supplied with pictures from inside the tank, and a complete inspection was performed. Several leak paths were detected and were sealed. Fantastic job performed by nice people."
                                  - George P