Cistern Deep Cleaning


Christa in her wetsuit ready to start cleaning a cistern.

“Why is it important to clean and disinfect your cistern?”

It is important to clean and disinfect your cistern at least once a year. A cistern can get contaminated by animals (mice, chipmunks, birds) or insects (earth worms, ants, spiders and crickets), also sediment and mineral build-up that is found in Water Wells can cause pumps and piping issues. This will affect your water quality.

As the temperature fluctuates from winter to spring the snow melt causes runoff that can seep through man-hole seals or defective cisterns. Our service will clean, scrub and disinfect your cistern. We provide you with before and after pictures ensuring our service. We will also inspect your cistern for any cracks or defects.

So in order to maintain your cistern call us about our Cistern Deep Cleaning Service.


Christa in wetsuit ready to clean.Christa going down into cistern.


Cold or not, wet-suit on, and ready to start cleaning! And - down the hole I go.

 As you see below they've got worms and plenty of them! This is a very good reminder that you need to have your cistern cleaned whether you're on a well or not. First you see the inside of an 1800 gallon concrete cistern. It's been on a well and in need of a cleaning. After 3 1/2 hours of shoveling, scrubbing walls, floors, and ceiling she's clean as a whistle. The color left is from the mineral content in the well water after years of use. NO MORE WORMS!!!

Worms in cistern! Cistern to clean. 

Cistern example. Cistern cleaned.


Did we mention that it is important to clean and disinfect your cistern at least once a year? The following photos are a graphic example of why. Especially when a bear decides to make your cistern its personal spring! - You never know what you'll find inside.

Why cisterns need cleaning!Why cisterns need cleaning!Why cisterns need cleaning!


In the following photos you will see me ready to dive in again! Then going down the hole, on the inside, before and after pictures of a concrete cistern I cleaned, then a before and after of a plastic cistern, and a before mud and after clean. Lots of scrubbing!

Christa ready to dive again!Christa going down the cistern hole.Christa on the inside of the cistern.


Cistern cleaning example.Cistern cleaning example.

Cistern cleaning example - plastic cistern before.Cistern cleaning example - plastic cistern after.

Cistern cleaning example - shoveling mud before!Cistern cleaning example - no more mud, nice and clean after!

Cistern cleaning example.Cistern cleaning example.


 Yes, I find lots of things floating inside those cisterns, but after I'm through they'll be clean enough to drink from!

The importance of getting your cistern cleaned regularly!The importance of getting your cistern cleaned regularly!


Inside my world!

Cistern cleaning example.Cistern cleaning example.


All cisterns need periodic deep cleaning to maintain the quality of water whether you haul your own or have a well. After years, sediment build up from our spring runoff can cause leakage due to fluctuations in our area temperatures.

These are a few pictures of the cisterns that we’ve cleaned. Please check out our testimonials page to hear what these and other customers say about our quality work and service!

Contact us for more details and to schedule your cleaning: 970-731-5022.