Newcomers Tips

For newcomers to the area, always remember to ask when purchasing or renting a residence:

1. The size of your tank.
2. Whether it is a concrete cistern or plastic.
3. When was the last time the cistern has been deep cleaned.
4. If the water pump has an emergency shut off valve. (If you do not have an emergency shut off on your pump, you must be very aware of your water level so you won’t burn up a pump.)

When installing your cistern it’s all about Accessibility.

The closer your cistern is to the main road the better it is for you to receive year round service.

Think about, Snow and more Snow!

Our suggestion is to go along the same guidelines as a propane tank installation. Make sure when selecting a service that will install your cistern that they are aware of how deep a tank should be buried.

Always keep your cistern manhole accessible. (You don’t want to try to access it with 3-4 of snow on the ground through frozen earth)

Also, we highly suggest an automatic shutoff when the level of the water gets low so that you will not burn up your pump if you run out. (it’s better to have water delivered than to burn out your water pump)